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Twenty eight
Gs in a zip weed
In the whip
better not
Weave in this Bitch il
Leave in a bit
Cop would not Be-
Lieve i aint Lit dont
Need all that Shit
no it wont
Be where i sit wont
See where it is .

Air max so im
on the bubble heels
Homie told me roll it For me
Rolled it at the wheel
When i got the
Weight i stop and deal
. When im with a
Lady cop a feel..

Eigth at twenty
Five now thats a steal …
Grab another
Nine would be ideal..
Grab another
Kind to switch it up
Ive have enough of
Mine now whatchu
want i get that
Some these bitches
want the Fuckin
dick and they can
Have it…
Babe u got me
Thinking of your
Tactics .. they dont
Sell that shit in stores.
Only showed her mine cuz she
Showed me hers before and they

Show you recognition when u
Mention Michael kors . im
Lying if i told u i was
driving in a porsch
And i wanna
make u tell a friend il make u
Cum before i fuck u then il
Make u cum again im on
Production when u hear me now u knowing its my sound
Smelling like skunk im my
Trunk thats a pound
Got the headboard
bumping when we
hump its Kinda loud and something
Wrong with you if
you the dudes re-
fusing eating out

All up in her
cat from the
Back and i
Spat on it
Spin that ass
around up and
Down when she
Sat on it
so much
Head that i
Went and put a
Hat on it
Soon im gonna
mean it when i
Say il spend a
Stack on it
Beat new, rap on it
Spit about my past on it
More than bit of yayo and a
Whole lot of caps on it
I promise i dont
have no Other missions
I dont trust alot i
tend to Have suspicions bitch u

Trippin if u think im bout to
Put up with some bitchin
Im calmer than
Obama off the weed and im
All about the thought of living
Always drama free and no
Problem cant be
solved by Smoking
on the bombest trees so i

Pack a fucking
Filter like a
Cig and the
Weed i get is
Good when im
Alone dont roll it big
Keeper like a
goalie ..
She can work a
Dick and no
Sleepin when im
Sleepin with her
Think i like em
Thick but i

Think my Writting’s
Soley in the
verse i just
Bleed the instru-
mental then my
pen do all the
Work. .. she’s
Sippin on the
Stoli …
Looking in her
purse just to
Find a light and
Pass it so i
Fire up the
Purp. . Ob-

sessive as they
Told me … dont
See it as a
curse il be
Grinding til i
Get it or you’ll
See me in a
Said she down to
Blow me… she
Only in my
Shirt and the
Head would get me
Better guess shes
Something like a

Staying in
Side of the lane as i
Drive in the rain and the
Sub go …
Take another
Line to the brain as i
Hide all the pain and the
Drugs go …
Sprinkle mary
Jane in a pape light
End with a flame and the
Bud smoke…
Taking out my
Scale on the way when i
Ride pulling weight like a
Tug boat.
Tugboat (Prod. by GoldenB) Tugboat (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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