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My bae she call me
Baby she dont wait
I know whats in
mind when she would plan to
stay girl u gotta
come around my way
So fine that I for-
Get about the games you

Either way tho
Its another day


New limit
New Beginning let
Loose wit nudie women like
Boo your booty sinnin’
Knew ur new to smoking my
Doob is due for spinnin your
Coochie-coo for swimmin i
Threw home every inning after

You i do the bedding left
Wet spots on the linnen._
music in my head i guess
Thats my new religion in the
Morning sad emoji you
Left my place u grinnin You
Guessed it girl u winnin il
Get you if your willing._

Betchya when u get in get the
Scent of what im hitting .
Time is all im spending when im
Making what ive written finger
Fuck her in the kitchen now her
Pants are like mitten a
given so i knew that we would
Doo it any minute

Assuming we would do what we
Doin every visit .
You’re a work of art its just
you in an exhibit girl
Looped and make it digital
Grouped and burn a physical
Lifted off medicinal
This is unconditional


Done with club hoppin
Pill poppin the
Coke became a problem the
Hope began disolving my
Focus was on choppin the
O’s they kept talking the
dro was top notch and the
Phone is non stop

Baby when we get into
Bed we get Hot
Fucking with a whole lot of
head we all top and the
Times tic tockin the
Fine ass poppin and
Bed frame rocking then
left and sped off

All my words of wisdom are
real no fake props
Gettin down to speed limit
Now i see cops The
beat is like a picture to
Me i see drops smoke a
G and paint me into the
Scene i see spots

Dealin with a
Feeling of relief
I think i know what
Im about to be
My flow the only
Hope to set me free so
Take a fuckin
Trip and see where we go
It’s Another Day It’s Another Day via IFTTT

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