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prod. by GoldenB
Main ones know that this is
Something i need i got a
Million dollar drive with nothing
Else that i see ….
One day u realize that
Life aint free and i
Cant sell that shit forever
That aint me cuz i

Had so many close fuckin
Calls with the po that I
Thought then by now they had
Probably known I
Pray to whatever’s gonna
Help me to go and leave the
Lies and wasted time behind me
Im in control

. .. . i
Leave all the
hits and slows for the
Rhythm to
. . . Remi-
niscent of the
Bounce to go get an
Ounce of blow

… and i
swear to fuckin
God it breaks my
heart now that i
Took what was
.. . . We went
Down down
down below oh
got it pretty

… I guess i
Sold all that shit for
Gold cuz this how i
… only
Roll triple A in
cones yeah thats how i

…. they say i
Used to be so a
fun and bout That
Party life how
could it be
… i
spent too much
Time on hoes should of
Saved up some

.. My
day would go Best if i
dont say word ..
YSL hoodie and
Doobies to burn..
comin up now did it
Ever occur my
darkest of deamons give
Meaning to read into
Shit i do now doesnt
Need to be heard I

Live in the city i
Live in the C …
Ounces of molly
Were going for 3 …
Evisu authentic they
Checking the seams the
LRG fit is so
Perfect for tee’s
BBC jeans are so
Worth it for me
She gonna get it she
Lookin for D .. my

Elevate better me
ready for next ..
Negative energy
Put it to rest …. u
Smell what i put up im
Buying the best
Ambitious and driven wont
give in for less
Grinding to get myself
In a position to
Pick where im livin and
Fly in a guest

Over to cum and she
Already wet .. a
Girlfriend can
Wait tho un-
til i get cheques ..
No time for nothing i
Live in the booth my
Dreaming’s so vivid i
Live in there too
Come for the head and you
Doing the move
Getting to close you gon
Turn to an ex


I think there’s something
Tell me its not
All stock , I think im
slowly dying
out there of
small talk

Is it weird if i dont
Feel the pressure like a
Car wash if you’re
With me you would
Let me write my
Bar hops
Dying Of Small Talk (Prod. by GoldenB) Dying Of Small Talk (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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