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Last one to the
Party but im
First to get the
Blunt started
Only here for
Pussy and we
All know what the
Fun part is
Faded like a Cross
Fade , play it
like im not
Weigh it and i got
Paid, when i
moved the knots

Profit off it off the
Top, hope they
Want alot
_Come out and meet me on your
Block i dont
wanna knock
Weed so rare ..
Smoking on that banksy
Most these girls i
fuck i leave em
buzzin then they thank me

Do-si-do we go im Scaling
coke out while she rub me funny
i know some who using now and
Used to call me druggy
studying the
Noise these my favorite
My beat would need my
Voice that my only

Nothing but a
Cloud when i pass en-
Left the game
now but im Past em-
Always loved when
Scrooge McDuck was
Diving into coins.
Always want the
Newest stuff and
Ballin is the point.

Now i see the
Picture like an open Locket
Got it if its crummy loosing
Money like a broken pocket
Lock it i dont trust
Pull out and i
Bust just have
Fun this aint no
Fuss getting
money is a


No no need to
Floor this shit
JBL my
door is Lit im
sure im feeling
More of it i
Saw how much you
Poured in it
I Wore it cuz i
Havent seen u
In it.
i record it if i
Havent Heard u
Spit it .

Your girls a
Whore that bitch just
Fucked me then she
Went and kissed u
Bought a quarter smoked it
All alone i
musta Missed u
are u With it really if u
Isnt its gon’
be an issue
miss u all together cuz i
Know my shit gon
Piss u off

We can do this
On the side tho
I dont think its
What you want.
I can read e-
motion in ur
Message i dont
Mean the font
And i should be
Tried cuz my
shit to real to Read about she
Told me im the
Only one to
make her cum by
Eating out

Too much
M back in
twenty ten now im
Still a mess
Maybe too much im a
Ima pull up in the
Back go
Down girl give me
Neck no
Doubt no disre-
spect so
Down back when we
Met no
Not like i have
let Go

Bass is getting
Boomin like im
Metro Smoking
gecko Air max
Satisfaction that shit i cant
get no, Never more pro-
ductive So its
more like just not
yet tho …
Satisfaction (Prod. by GoldenB) Satisfaction (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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