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( I think u )
Know i wanna get u and im
Wanna bring u back.
Light up when i with u i dont
Need to bring a match.
May have even met you like im
Diggin’ in the the past
Hope u good wit kush cuz im
Gonna bring a pack.
Bought a bit of Yayo and i
Broke it up for cash
Using every minute im not
In to take a nap
Moving on my own im not
Workin out a trap and
Any time that im at home im
Working on my rap I

Look her up and down and tell her
I dont wanna lie
I dont wanna leave here less i
Have u by my side
I aint even liquored up was
Dippin in my ride and she
Told me she was down now im
Pickin up a vibe
I not here for
Them im here for you.
Flyin through the
Night aint nothing new
I dont wanna
pass il roll up two.
you its overdue

. . Feeling every minute im not making money is for nothing
tho it isn’t True
. . You can move around all the
Hurdles is your way today but
Il be going through and i
Dont mean color when i
Say she blew .
Used her tounge i dont
Mean her shoe .
Dont gotta a girl i
Got a few my
Hand on her back and the
Straps undo just

Climb to the top then
Enjoy the view
Smoke the sticky like im
Pickin glue some
Type of kush no
Longer push il
Cop a half or
Cop a Q get
Paper pockets
Avoid the average
Dont need shit at
Most a habit
Proving pactise not
Using magic im
Tuning in get
passed the Static im

Passed the point of really
Backin out i guess
Thats the point get
Cracking now
Mackin’ you , you
Lackin’ me my
Bathing ape is
Packin weed but
Just to bust
Only wanna rip it if i
Roll it up Any
less than best wont
Make the cut these
Cuts in the west gonna
Take me up

Mushroom tea’s been
Hot and easy
pop an E sleep
Off and repeat
Racks of hundreds were
stashed in jeans il
Tax a p and
Ask for three.
call for weed then
Head to meet you
Pray to god my
God evisu
Im for real not
Here to tease you don’t
Meet for me i
Fuck to please you if

Bumpin coco off
Keys appease you im
good with greens but
do what frees you .
Like sour diesel
Nothing feeds me
like the trees do
Celebrate You (Prod. by GoldenB) Celebrate You (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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