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Roll it
Light it
Blow … and no

passin will be
happening be-
cause we
got our own.
Got an ounce on
Me with pound and
Half back at my home
Slidin Through the
city rubber
Spinning on the roads.
Got a dirty trunk speed
Limits how i go


Hold it
Pass it
Count it
Fold it
Pick it
Pack it
Then i
Sold it
Fill my
Pocket up with
Paper then un-
Losses with the
Piff than with the

No stunting with my
Whip i keep it low
Its boxed if i got
Stopped they gonna know
-And the cause is
Probable to search
– sell a dime inside
Synagogue or church

Beat so
wavy you would
Think im tryna surf
Heat so
lately and go
Well with smokin purp
-This MK-
U has got me
Feelin free.
Why dont u come
Over baby u can
Feel me

I dont got no
Time for nothin else
Dont wanna hit the
Bong that’s on your shelf
As u hear my
Song thats how i Felt I’m golden
B it’s all one word the B
connected’s how it’s spelt


Go.. dont
Wait for
Wanna keep
Back cuz i
need to
Think …

Scale on center
Console on the
Side of the road .
Make a sale like
Pronto then i
Hop to another

I Tell no
Body bout it
Flip in the parkin Lot im
bout it
I park a
Bit away to
Run to the whip my
Client take
Im feeling bit
Generous so its
Three point nine when u
Buy an Eighth
I wanna
Fly away im
Rollin up loud in a
Quiet place
No Passing (Prod. by GoldenB) No Passing (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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