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Made by GoldenB

I guess im
Better off with
out no one to
Tell me where to
go and
better not etcetera im
Better on my
Own i fuck u
Good but im with
You this shit wont
Work out in the
Long .
Writting on my
Mind that I’ma
Rap into a

Song at First my
shit was shakey
now i feel my
Bars are Getting
Strong. The
Weed been good since
’06 i grip
money in my
palm get so
toasted i been
Posted like hyp-
nosis type of
Only pay for
Trees i dont pay
Pussy aint no

John now time to
Find myself shed
Light on time that
I was spending
There’s no silver
Lining less you
Grinding til its
On i think
About the ocean
Most suffice with
Sitting by the
i dont think il
Ever be done
Dreamin til im

Gone i cant
Help it. ..

I dont have a
Rollie but I’ve
got a story
Im not really
sporty but I’ll
Pull your shorty
Forty for the
Tony only
if you Know me
Come over if you
Lonely only
If you blow me

Good but im not
Living fast
Ice cream on my
Jeans from ballin
In the past
Collateral was
Given if they
Lost the cash
Back to fill my
Jar up pull the
car up cuz my
Place the stash

White adidas black
striped like a zebra
And my bitches
Chill no i dont
Fuck with divas x…

Bags inside my
Hundreds on a
Blunted on the
Days that end with
Y i roll a
Wrap. I
Like that booty
Big baby
i dont think you’re
Working on
another one just
Let me do my

I guess im
better off with
Out no one to
Tell me how to
Be ..
i dont Think il
Ever be com-
Patible as
He i got am-
Bition listen
I dont think u
Know just what i
Make this shit my
Life and real
life aint never

Free but we get
Even i get
her off first and
Then she would do
Make that shit my
Job but i got
Cotton mouth from
Weed we used to
bump the scoops of
Coke from off the
ends of all our
Wilin’ at our
parties wont get
Started with the

E i really
Use my time now
Like i got some
Type of OC-
You can have my
Night away from
Working on a
beat i know that
This a long shot
but im out here
Practicing my
It aint even
Nothing now to
Put up with the
Zebra (Prod. By GoldenB) Zebra (Prod. By GoldenB) via IFTTT

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