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written and produced by GoldenB

I dont miss-
Read this stuff and ive
Seen enough to
Think you’re
down to Fuck
I wanna get a
Text or something you don’t
Have my number ive
Thought u had enough

I wonder if you’d
Like it slow would that
Make you go un-
less you’d rather rough
there dont gotta
Be no strings at All baby
we just playing Ball baby
so just batter up

I dont wanna
Burn my bridges i
Hope you interested were
Back like we never left
So much
More to evolve in the
Scheme of it all its
Like weve never met

Never met .. (x..)

I dont even
Like the fall cuz then
Winters coming i
Like the summer sun
Focused on
My production i
Keep it bumpin its
Always number one

Due to my re-
clusive nature some
Seem mistaken might
Think im not having fun
id really like to
Buy you things what
Time will bring as of
Now i dont make a ton

Never been
about the money is
About the comfort but for
That you need the funds
I dont mean a
Restaurant or go and
grab a slice when i say
I’d eat out at lunch

If you were at
Home at night and you
Alone or something that
Time could be better spent
So much
More to evolve in the
Scheme of it all its
Like weve never met

Never met .. (x..)



Im so down for
Lets just not go
These aint fuckin
Wedding rings we
Blowin in my
Flyer than a
Feather . Il
Pick u up when
Ever babe . I
Know u want
I just wanna
Better day and

I just feel we’re
Better off with
Being who we
I would fuckin
Do this but i
Dont know where to
Start my
Kush i gotta
Get it while u
Smoking on what
Ever strain
Writting ’bout a
Line i like im
Fighting with my
Meta brain

I like the
Thought of maybe
Laying here to-
gether say i
Spin a couple
Doobies Watch the
Office till we
Fade away
Eigth oh eight gon
Fill the room
Twoonie bought the
Paper planes
Rest in peace to
Nate my dude were
Coolin in another place

I wanna
get my money
doing what i
Love one day i
Cant believe you
Pay to cum cuz
I just let them
Come to play
Horoscope is
I was born the
End of may
I believe in
This but as a
Kid i would pre-
Tend to pray

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