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I need more
Green than a meadow
She wanting me to
Pour the amaretto
Whip around the
Block, no lego
Ive been getting
High falsetto

looking For me il be
carmen san diego
Light the good shit i feel
Better when im mellow
When im alone i like it
Only hear my echo
U think u know me but
Really i would bet no

Never long before my
Friend zone’s lifted
either cursed or baby
Maybe im just gifted
Bass so loud i fuck
around and get evicted
Smoke a half so fast you
Blink u might of missed it__

Drugs are done but ive been
Marijuanna addicted
Roll so good we smoked the O from
Good to God i twist it
Cup with ice im ready twist the
End up then i bic’d it
If the blunt should end up with a
Rip a pape will fix it

Im researching with my
Group when im lifted
Bathing ape pink
Gorilla head depicted
Artful dodger got me
Cuttin wit a snake on
Tokyo one day wit
Nothing but the bape on

bout to drop something
Better get your hate on
Everything you hear right
Now has got my name on
GoldenB is all one
Word dont get my name wrong
When i find a girl i
Like i put the game on

When I stand up to the
Mic i let the pain go
Like candle wax you gonna
Melt don’t let the flame know
Il be riding on the
track call it train flow
only talk about the
Money its my payphone

(Hot now how we
Feel , always tend to
Run when the shit Gets
real, friend will turn to
foe only sometimes
Heal with some of these
Hoes its a one time
deal fuckin with the

Sides like stereo I’ma stay
Here go where you go let my
Soul feel every high let my
trunk feel every low let my

Go follow every stop make your
Head nod with every drop, get that
Paper to beat your
rock and i want that
Paper to drop a top on a new M

B and the dash can talk Walk new air max stash my spot live high
Up Where there’s no one
around with a birds eye
view like the eye of a hawk roll the
Next one

Only gonna roll up the
Best ones
Do it fuckin perfect give a
Watch me ’round ur girl’s my con-
I dont know her favorite
Moves but i guessed ’em

Heard that u in town i gotta
Get some
Baby im the future call me
If she knew me from the
past she’d think im
fucked tho
Different now im with an
Industry thats

. Upmost .
. Blunt smoke .
. Hits so fuckin
well done in one toke
Getting half
Zips for a hundo
Middle of the
Day dont see the sun tho

U can hear my instru-
mental from the front door
Its never ending cuz il
Never not want more
once u feel the sound u stick
Around here for the encore
Havent seen nothing, thinking
maybe i should flaunt more

__ fly dreams like the
Wings of a condor
Plug with the grapes like im
Rolling straight concord ad-
Mit i dont got much and u keep
Rapping bout whats not Your’s
Weed and women on me what you
Think their at my spot for
Meadow (Prod. By GoldenB) Meadow (Prod. By GoldenB) via IFTTT

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