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she likes to
Send me pics from the
Tell me what u Think about
That she said I
Hope u want me back cuz i
Had a lot of fun at your pad

Told me I was good with my
I keep getting tatted with my
Brand the beat’s too
smooth for me to not Rap
I don’t think you’ll ever understand never

Knew ’bout this in the
Never wrote a
track I had to
Drink and chase the pack.
Link up for the bag.

Zips in the park
Now I shake
Whips with my art
Tell my momma that her
Son’s gonna be a star I got
So much damn
drive I don’t need a car

White nikes black
Jeans and I stack bars
QP of M
-K in a snap jar
my game is auto-
matic I don’t mack hard, if
You don’t even
Try I don’t have heart

Keep the
lights on too…
I wanna
see that you
like me too
Not the only
one but u the hottest
Wanna look around like im
Here for an audit

_These evisu’s have a
Tiger on on the pocket
Girl you love my Game like it’s
Made from some gossip
I’m too high to be debating
Any topic .. Only being honest

… Smoking on atomic.
… Rolling like I’m sonic.
Boom down low make
bass go demonic
Smoke so much guess it’s
why they call it chronic . When

I go down on her she’s done.
I get high and work the drums.
Space and time don’t pay no mind to
Sound were one dimension up

Taking the lead
And I know
Ya’ll don’t believe, but
Watch how i break
in like a B and E
I’m here to get a
Head like a guillotine
show whoever
Hear it what u see in me
She’s been Stroking
ego so I’m
Feeling like a deity
into me at
least so seemingly
Cuz she’s getting
Wet exceedingly

Why don’t we
Stay in in instead
Smoke a few Doobies with
Movies in bed
Just a fling no
Ring calamari and to
Go with you defeats the whole
Purpose of a party,

Prada denim and a
Scent of Bvlgari my
Answer if you ask me if I
Give a fuck is hardly
Private skate park
trips I’m my dream mixed
With flash backs of the
Flips and the scheming

Quarter pound weighs
one twelve even
Any less than an
Eighth ain’t leaving
Had Snow in the
Highlighter freezing
Takes me back to
Skiing all seasons

Killed my beat too
Soon still grieving
I’m keep gettin
Tatted no reason
doing what feels good
Fuck cohesion never gonna
Stop until completion

Dimension (Prod. by GoldenB) Dimension (Prod. by GoldenB) via IFTTT

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