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Going we Flowing were
Mixing up the potion we
Fly and we’re high and she’s
Pretty like the ocean waves..
.. Moving like I know the way. I’m

Boasting the most and I’m
Shameless with promotion I
Coast on my flame that gets
Stronger as I turn the page.
.. Work toward a higher place. I’m in

Need of my freedom relieve me of my
Deamons from using to dealing
broken hearts are healing now.
.. My reminder when im in doubt.. I roll

best with the best shit
Blunts are from Texas
Don’t leave my place but my
Months looking hectic my
Beats are electric they’re
Sick sound infected
Write unconnected im
Higher than expected

Look for the
Rollin’, no
Smoking in
Paradise birdy be
Dancing like Papua New
Guinea they
Pass me the
I’m busting the
No I dont
No Wonder they

Il do it
Now I don’t Wait
I got a
Powerful pace
My diesel be
Sour for days
Lost in my
Mind like a maze my
Life’s an exam and im
Aiming for A’s
Gotta get
Ice with no tray
Gotta get
Ice that don’t melt
Play with the
Hand I was dealt


(I’ma do)
Fifty for Q’s.
These bitches get
Giddy wit booze
Sending me
Kitty with nudes
my hustle not
In it for views
Move thru the
city like news
Mixing my
Cup with the juice
Twisting a
Blunt of the spruce
I Hang for the
Neck like a noose she

Making it harder to
Bounce I’m sticking
around I’m making it
Harder to count
We get on the
couch next thing I
Know is some girl got my
Dick in her mouth
I feel I’ve lived many
Lives in the past
Life is a game in Which
This one Il pass
Ocean Waves (Prod. By GoldenB) Ocean Waves (Prod. By GoldenB) via IFTTT

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